Foundations, Framing  &  Finishes
  1. Full Service Contracting & Site Development
    With our full service clients we provide all aspects of due diligence, design & engineering coordination, permitting, site development & utilities, supervision, & project management from inception thru close out.
    The contracting vehicle with this new construction church project on Long Island, NY was Design/Build. As with many of our projects over the years, we coordinated all aspects of the work from design development thru financing assistance, permitting, project management, and site supervision. Our crews self performed much of the work including foundations, steel erection, LGM framing, metal truss installation, masonry, and interior finishes such as drywall, ceilings, casework, millwork, and painting. The project is 58,000 sq. ft. 2 story type II with a full gym, commercial kitchen, admin, classrooms, and 1000 seat auditorium on 21 acres. With a total developed project value 15M.
  2. Concrete
    Consider hiring our team for Foundations, Framing, & Finishes.
    On your pad ready site we will perform layout, excavation, forming, placement of rebar and embedded items for footings, pads, piers, & poured walls. Upon request we can perform slab prep and placement, controlled backfill and rough final grade. We perform these trades for our full service clients, general contractors and individuals.
  3. Structures
    Consider hiring our team for Foundations, Framing, & Finishes.
    Like on this mega church project in Detroit MI. We performed foundations, steel erection, exterior and interior metal framing and sheathing to enclose the facility.
  4. Finishes & Millwork
    Consider hiring our team for Foundations, Framing, & Finishes.
    As much as we love to pour concrete, our level of interior finishes is superior. We were able to both meet the opening day schedule, and exceedingly satisfy the owner's almost daily additional requests. After carefully constructed interior and exterior metal framing, Level 4 drywall installations and 2x2 custom ceiling systems, our woodworking craftsmen fabricating much of the casework and millwork on site including 16" wide fluted casing, radio and television broadcasting sets, and rolling kiosks. This pictured wood veneer wall by Koroseal, and much more. As on this project and with most Assembly Use public event facilities - bigger is better.
reinforced poured concrete walls